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The star of lake ylläs


Ylläs is a holiday paradise of seven fells and the activities are not limited by season nor the weather. In the winter, Lapland Hotel Saaga is a true ski-in, ski-out attraction and we’ve even taken it so far that you can actually access the slopes directly from some of our rooms. The gondola will take skiers from the backyard straight to the top of the fell. Don’t forget the 300km of beautifully maintained cross country skiing tracks.

Countless hiking paths can take you all over the fell in the autumn. Don’t feel like walking? No problem! Pick up a bike and ride straight to Levi. Even in the summer the whole fell has a whole host of top activities!

With the largest Nordic program service company, Lapland Safaris, we can bring you the very best experience that Lapland has to offer — unbelievable safari experiences.

Opening times

Winter Season 20.11.2020 - 2.5.2021
Summer season 25.6.2021 - 26.9.2021

Apartments can also be rented when the hotel is closed during 3.5. - 24.6.2021. Ask more about from our customer service.

Rental and key service at the hotel reception on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

Arrival to the apartment is also possible outside opening hours.

We reserve the right to change the date due to the coronavirus situation.

20.2.- 5.4.2021
Reception 24h
Breakfast 7.30- 10.30
Restaruant á la carte 18-22 (kitchen closes at 21.30)
Bistro 14-22 (kitchen closes at 21.30)
Buffet dinner 18.00-20.00
Spa 13-21

Contact Information

Lapland Hotels Saaga
Iso-Ylläksentie 42
95980 Ylläsjärvi
+358 (0) 16 323 600


Are you in Ylläs these days? Have a look of all what you can do during your stay with us.



Ready to discover Lapland by yourself? You can rent all the equipment that you might need.


18 baskets of Ylläs



Discgolf is a great activity for everyone! A first timer can go around the field just like someone who’s been throwing a frisbee for years.

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Äkäslompolo DiscGolfPark - Äkäslompolo (class AA1)

The course is located in the Kaulavaara area, at the crossing of Sivulantie and Kaulavaarantie and is about 3.2km long.

The course has 18 baskets and one warm-up basket. Going around the course takes about two hours. There is a family course of five baskets at the beginning, which lasts about 45 minutes. It’s free to use the course. Frisbees can be rented or purchased in the Sportia Ylläs or Äkäslompolo Sport Shop.

Read more and load a course map

Sport Resort Ylläs Frisbeegolf - Ylläsjärvi (class AA2)

There is an 18-lane frisbeegolf course in the Sport Resort Ylläs area. The course is located behind Lapland Hotel Saaga. At the moment, the course is about 2.5km long. It’s altitude range is about 150 meters and the longest hole is 250 meters downhill. Holes 1-5 can be played as a so-called ‘family course’. You can rent frisbees from shops in the Sport Resort area, including JemesSport and the Head Ski Shop.


Call of the wild!



Backpacking in Ylläs will charm you with its seven fells! Head on a hike to the treeless grounds, or sit by the campfire!

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Ylläs is proud of its scenery and nature. The Pallas-Ylläs fell National Park protects the profile of the seven fells and ensures the peace of one wandering in the nature. Most of the paths and hiking tracks wind in the National Park and take the hiker to the most beautiful lookouts and magnificent natural attractions. Take a step further!

Examples of hiking tracks:

Ylläslompolo nature path 2.5km
The path starts from Ylläslompolo bird watching tower and wanders through an old spruce forest to a pond in the middle of the wilderness. The signs along this duckboarded path tell you about the culture of the meadows, old forests and swamps. There is a lean-to along the path, perfect for making fire.

Niesakero wilderness path 2.7km
Near the Luosu village in the varying terrain of Niesakero is a path that will show you the ancient activities of hunting and fishing, as well as the practices of game keeping. Climb up the nature tower near Kerojärvi to view the beautiful flora and fauna. There is a small spring by the duckboarded path where you can get clean water to drink.

History path at the top 700m
We’ve opened History path on top of Ylläs. It tells you about the history of downhill skiing in Ylläs. There is also a scenery board along the track where you can recognize the nearby fells. You can get to this track using the Gondola-lift — which also allows access to wheelchair users, or those with a pram. The altitude range is great enough that we advise that you’d need an assistant if you are a wheelchair user.

Varkaankuru’s Velho-path 35km
If there was a competition between the prettiest nature paths in Finland, this one would surely be one of the winners: The nature path in Varkaankuru is unique with its scenery and very versatile nature. So, let one of Lapland’s most beautiful groves conquer your heart. Velho path offers magnificent scenery and information on nature, delivered in a fresh manner. The poems of Kalervo Uuttu — AKA ‘Uuttu-Kalle the wizard’ — give the path it’s own mythological level. In Velho-path the natural phenomena of Lapland and the world of beliefs walk side-by-side. Velho-path is easy to walk, thanks to its duckboards and stairs. There is a campfire place by the path, on top of Varkaankuru and there’s a lean-to a little bit further up the track.

Kiirunankieppi 15km
A fine hike, surrounded by the breath-taking fell scenery awaits you! The path is named after a bird — kiiruna — that used to live in the harsh conditions of the fells. It takes you to see the geology of the Ylläs area. Even though the rockiest areas are covered with steps and duckboards, this trail will still require moderate fitness. The Varkaankuru lean-to, at the Kellostapuli kuru and Varkaankuru junction, is an excellent place to make a fire.

Seitakierros 9km
In the old days, there was no concept of nature: man and nature were one in such a manner that nature wasn’t thought of as a separate entity outside of everyday life. Seitakierros explains the relationship that man has had with nature and the way that the northern people view of the world around them. Seitakierros, which goes around Kellostapuli has duckboards and steps in the trickiest places. The Varkaankuru lean-to is a little bit to away from the path and is a good to stop and have a break.

Saalistusjotos 5km
Life in nature is a constant battle of existence. At nature’s dining table, death is not an intruder, but the host who offers the meal. Saalistusjotos tells the story of six “battle companions”, the prey and the predators, explaining about their struggles and the means that they had to develop in order to survive. You won’t need rubber boots on this very accessible path. You can quell your hunger at the Kahvikeidas lean-to.

Hilla-path 6km
This nature path, that goes around Kesänkijärvi-lake, allows you to enjoy the unbelievable scenery and get to know the beautiful Ylläs flora. There are multiple springs along Hilla-path, so you’ll never go thirsty along this trail. There is a place for making fire next to the even and easily traversed path. During the autumn color times, you can enjoy coffee, pancakes and other delicacies in Kesänki Keidas.

Tähti-path 8km
On the star-path of Kesänki fell, it’s time to gaze up at the stars! You can explore the stories of the skies on this path, which starts from the Kesänkijärvi parking area and goes through Pirunkuru, Kesänkitunturi and Tahkokuru to Nilvaara. The nature path is about as long as poronkusema, which is a very old Finnish unit of measurement. It is used to describe the distance a reindeer can travel before having to stop and urinate. There are two lean-tos with fireplaces right next to the path. The few wetlands along this route have duckboards so you don’t need rubber boots. The rocky uphill of Pirunkuru is very demanding.

Saivonkierros 3km
You get to know the rugged landscapes of Äkässaivo by walking along the Saivonkierros path. When you get there you’ll have one of the greatest “seitas”, a sacred place of the Sami people, to greet you. You’ll also encounter a crystal clear pond, Äkässaivo. The Sami believe that Saivo was populated by the deceased (“saivo-people”), who lived happy on the shores of a “mirror-lake”, which you could get to by going through a hole in the bottom of the deep lake. In the Saivonkierros, information signs will tell you about the forest, aquatic nature and the historical sites by the path — such as the ancient seita-plave of the Sami and a meadow barn that highlights the former peasant lifestyle of the north. There is a cozy lean-to along the path.

Tulivuoripuisto 1.5km
Centuries ago, the fells of Ylläs were mountains like the Alps. But that’s not all — there were volcanoes in Ylläs as well! The rocks of Linkuperä tell geological stories about these volcanoes, which erupted over 2 billion years ago. You can even see a hole in the terrain where the volcano erupted.

Moloslaki-path 15km
Old forests, minerotrophic bogs and open landscapes of the fell — this path offers the most beautiful nature in the north. The signs help to familiarize you with the animals, geology and cultural history of the area. The Kihokkipolku path goes through Iso Molosjänkä and it’s a part of Moloslaki round. It shows you the wonders of the fauna that can be found in the bogs. You can enjoy your packed lunch at the Moloslehto reindeer herder’s hut, or at a nearby lean-to.

Joutsenpolku 6km
This nature path starts from the Totovaara parking place and it presents the birds, mammals, fish and other interesting things that are to be found in this area. At Lalvajärvi lake, you’ll find a bird watching tower by the path where you can see kestrels gliding in the air, tufted ducks, goldeneyes, phalaropes bobbing on the water like corks, as well as the beautiful swans. You will definitely have plenty of flying friends. Over 80 bird species have been spotted on this swan path!

More routes


Brightest stars of the routes



Ylläs is the top destination for cyclists! Whether your hobby is eventful downhill cycling, road cycling or mountain biking, you’ll find a route to suit you at Ylläs. We recently opened up around 50km of winter cycling routes (Winter 2015-2016).

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Ylläs is the top destination for cyclists! Whether your hobby is eventful downhill cycling, road cycling or mountain biking, you’ll find a route to suit you at Ylläs. Around 50km of winter cycling routes opened in the winter of 2015-2016.

Ylläs Bike Park

Ylläs Bike Park, which can be found on the south side of Ylläs in the Sport Resort area, was designed specifically for downhill cycling. With downhill cycling you can enjoy the rush of speed in summer time too!

Downhill cycling routes start from the top of Ylläs fell, near the Gondola station and Ylläskammi 718 restaurant. Two different routes start from the top and they divide into several route options at the tree line, before heading on down to Sport Resort Ylläs.

The blue track, which starts from the top, is a good option for those just starting out with downhill cycling but, if you’re feeling up for a challenge you could choose the red track, which is harder. It’s easy to get back to the top with your bicycle, simply take a ride in the Gondola lift. Tickets for the Gondola can be bought from the Head Ski Shop.

Mountain biking

The mountain bike tracks of Ylläs have varying levels of difficulty. One of the best mountain biking experiences can be had when conquering Kukastunturi by mountain bike. The fell, surrounded by a dry moor forest, provides you with eventful paths and gorgeous landscapes. In the summer of 2015 we opened the long expected Ylläs-Levi mountain bike track, which goes through the Pallas-Ylläs fell National Park. Biking is restricted to the marked paths in the national park area. There are also several other cycle routes and attractions near the park. You can ask more information about mountain biking routes from Ylläs Tourist info.

You can see the various mountain bike routes and levels of difficulty on Ylläs mountain bike route map, which is sold in some local businesses and at the Luontokeskus Kellokas Tourist Information during the summer and autumn.




Ylläs Ski

Downhill skiing

Downhill skiing

Saaga is located only a few steps from Ylläs Ski Resort. Skiing has never been easier.

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Lapland Hotel Saaga is located in the middle of the Ylläs Ski Resort. You can jump into a goldol lift as soon as the resort opens. At the end of the day you can ski straight to your hotel.

Ylläs slopes are the first to open in Finland and continue to beopen until 1st of May. More than 60 slopes guarantee that you will enjoy skiing for a whole week!

Everything about Ylläs ski centeR!


330 kilometers of routes

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

There is the best and most comprehensive network of skiing tracks in Ylläs. It includes 330km of tracks. This provides excellent conditions for skiers of all levels, from early winter to late spring.

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It’s possible to enjoy easy-going skiing, or push-your-limits on the more demanding tracks up the fells. There are multiple, well-equipped skiing cafes on the slope network, where you can stay and enjoy a variety of refreshment options.

Both villages have tracks for those skiing with dogs too.
It’s often possible to use the so-called “warm track” up the fell from as early as October. It winds at the tree line of the fell where it is only about half as cold as it is down in the village. So when it’s really freezing it’s best to head to the tracks that are as high up as possible and if it’s windy, go down to the canyons and the shelter of the forest. The warm track is lit and it connects Äkäsompolo and Ylläsjärvi. You can reach this track from both village centers, along a lit track.

The long skiing season makes it possible for competitive athletes to train regularly and for a long time. You can meet top skiers from many different countries on these tracks, as well as teams from Finland. The Ylläs skiing routes are their regular training grounds every year. Due to the well-maintained tracks, widespread lighting, warm tracks, versatile routes, skiing cafes and diverse terrain, Ylläs’ skiing possibilities are in a league of their own.



Nature experiences

The Safaris

The Safaris

We are proud to present the wide variety of safaris that Lapland Safaris has to offer. They include something for every visitor in Ylläs!

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We are proud to present the wide variety of safaris that Lapland Safaris has to offer. They include something for every visitor in Ylläs! Are you interested in snowmobile rides, or maybe going hunting for the Northern Lights?

In Ylläs you will find

  • Reindeer and husky rides
  • Snowmobiling
  • Northern lights
  • Skiing and snow-shoeing

Lapland Safaris Ylläs
Sivulantie 10,
FI-95970 Äkäslompolo
Tel. +358 (0)16 569 666



The Safaris


Hit the dancefloor

Dances and evening activities

Dances and evening activities

The list of artists who perform at Pirtukirkko are top class, all year round. The dance-floor is frequently used on dance-nights, when top artists get up onto the Äkäshotelli stage.

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The list of artists who perform at Pirtukirkko are top class, all year round. The dance-floor is frequently used on dance-nights, when top artist after top artist get up onto the Äkäshotelli stage. This restaurant-nightclub, also known as Pirtukirkko, offers free entry for guests staying at Äkäshotelli, Saaga and Ylläskaltio (except during special events like Ylläs Jazz & Blues and Ylläs Soikoon).

The most reliable place to find an afterparty is in the Pirtukellari Nightclub.


list of performers


Ylläs gyms



Train at the gym after sports, or for whole day if the weather is poor. Get sweaty in the gym of Lapland Hotel Saaga!

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Lapland Hotel Saaga has a well equipped, modern gym, with basic equipment and a wonderful view of Ylläsjärvi. Ask for additional information tel. +358(0)16 323 600 or e-mail to


Pamper yourself



Pampering yourself after a day outside works out fine in Ylläs. That’s thanks to our variety of fantastic wellness-services.

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Feelgood at Äkäshotelli

Feelgood means relaxing and feeling good. To achieve that, we’ve invested in a number of different pampering treatments and exercise possibilities to compliment outdoor activities here in Äkäshotelli. For instance, there’s the joys of the sauna-department, pool, cosmological services and the exotic Lappish traditional treatments — all aimed at complimenting your exertions in the gym and other exercise. Let the Breath of Wind relax you after skiing and The Touch of Shaman pamper you before going to bed.

Feelgood also includes medical services. Ask for more information about services that are to be reserved beforehand, such as fitness tests, personal training programs and group training.

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Saaga pampering treatments

You can relax and pamper yourself with a variety of treatments offered by our spa-section. You can choose from traditional or special massages, or different baths. The relaxing massages and baths can be reserved from the hotel reception by calling: 016 323 600, or 040 5407347.

Sauna and spa

Beautiful natural stone materials and lights create an atmosphere at the pool facilities of Lapland Hotel Saaga. Enjoy the feel of bubbles in a Jacuzzi, situated in a magnificent natural stone cave, or relax in a traditional hot tub. The younger family members love to spend time in the wading pool, accompanied by the crocodile! Sauna heat is available either in a traditional Finnish sauna, or a relaxing steam sauna.

A private sauna is also available for bookings for private use.

read more!

Dip into the cooling water at the sauna facilities of Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli. Guaranteed relaxation after a day spend outdoors

Äkäshotelli sauna facilities are open everyday between 15:00 – 21:00.
Pool dimensions: length — about 10m, depth — 0.5 – 1.5m.

Admission: Adults — € 9, children — € 4.50, Guests staying at Äkäshotelli or Ylläskaltio — Free.



Snow Village