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Things to do in Lapland in Summer?


The magical summers of Lapland are something you do not want to miss! In summer, the magical atmosphere created by the midnight sun fills the North. This creates unique conditions for experiencing the wonderful light of nature and enjoying the peace of a summer night.


The main attractions of Kilpisjärvi are its breathtaking sceneries and versatile outdoor recreation options – how does SUP surfing on lake Kilpisjärvi, fishing on lake Tshkaljärvi or conquering the Three-Country Cairn sound like? Below are examples of other fun activities Kilpisjärvi offers in summer:

  • Climb the famous Saana or Malla fells! The vast moor-like areas at the foot of the great fells are excellent hiking grounds. Kilpisjärvi offers truly enchanting trails and paths that can take you, for example, to a refreshing waterfall.
  • Conquer the Three-Country Cairn – Kilpisjärvi is located in Finnish Lapland, at the border of Norway and Sweden.
  • Go on a cruise! Cruise ship M/S Malla takes visitors to the Three-Country Cairn from spring (after the ice melts) to late September.


Levi offers a range of activities in summer. Would you like to ride the gondola lift to the fell top, play golf on probably the best course in the North or tour around the Levi fell with an electric or traditional fatbike? All this is possible when you choose Levi as your Lapventure destination.

  • Hop on the gondola next to the world-famous Levi Black World Cup slope and hit the top. You can walk down along the scenic trails or enjoy the leisurely gondola ride down.
  • In addition to Levi Golf, the resort also has a frisbee golf course with 18 fairways and a minigolf course of 18 holes. If you’re lucky, you can see wildlife on the course, such as reindeer, foxes that like to steal balls or a northern hawk owl family.
  • Tour around Levi on a traditional or electric fatbike.
  • The family-friendly Levi Adventure Park is located near the base station of the gondola. The park is a safe ground for an action-packed adventure.
  • Levi Spa welcomes you to relax and recover.
  • Climb the fell and listen to silence! Take a day trip to the Kätkätunturi lean-to and enjoy nature uninterrupted. Levi has an abundance of things to see and do, along with amazing hiking trails.


Rovaniemi Culture Pass gives you access to three prime attractions in the city: Arktikum Science Centre and Museum, Korundi House of Culture, and Science Centre Pilke. Slide down the Ounasvaara summer bobsleigh track and see the capital of the North from the chairlift. For true Rovaniemi summer vibes, head to the Kesärafla summer restaurant and sauna! In Rovaniemi, you do not have to choose, because you can have it all.

  • Kesärafla Sauna on the Kemijoki riverside is the best summer restaurant in Rovaniemi. It has a public sauna, barbecue and great terrace – all the essential elements of Finnish summer.
  • The summer bobsleigh track and chairlift in Ounasvaara have served visitors and locals in Rovaniemi for over 30 years. The chairlift takes you to the top of the hill, from where you can continue by foot or bike or choose the fun bobsleigh ride down.
  • Santa Claus Office, located in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle, is the place where you can meet Santa. Santa Claus Office is open every day of the year with free entrance.
  • Besides being a popular sports resort, Ounasvaara is also a year-round recreational area near the city centre. Ounasvaara has marked and maintained trails and several great vantage points. It is also the best location for mountain biking near the Rovaniemi city centre.
  • Sky Kitchen & View has been selected as the best restaurant in Lapland several times. The restaurant is located at the top of the Ounasvaara hill, and it serves unforgettably delicious food.


Climb to the top of Luosto in the polar day and feel the vastness and beauty of Luosto’s nature in summer. Do you feel like your life is not complete without an amethyst lucky charm, a selfie taken at the top of Ukko-Luosto or a midnight swim in sunshine on lake Aarnilammi at the foot of the fell? In that case, you should head to Luosto in summer.

  • Find you lucky charm: Lampivaara Amethyst Mine at the top of the Luosto fell is one of the few gemstone mines in the world that are open to visitors. You can even dig your own lucky amethyst!
  • Climbing Ukko-Luosto and taking a selfie at the top are definitely worth it.
  • Bike on the scenic tracks of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park with an electric fatbike. The national park has diverse routes for cyclists, hikers and campers alike.
  • In Luosto Amethyst Spa, the gentle waves and various water jet massage points of the bird-shaped multipurpose pool and the amethyst cave jacuzzi will bring a touch of the tropics to the fell. Perfect your holiday by relaxing in the balmy spa after an active day outdoors.
  • Visit the Jaakkola Reindeer Farm or Reindeer Park Kopara.
  • The Luosto beach is located on lake Aarnilampi, about 2 kilometres from the Luosto centre in the direction of Pyhä. The beach has beach huts. Experience the midnight sun on the Aarnilampi beach at the foot of the fell.


Does your bucket list contain any of these: admiring the midnight sun in a floating glazed igloo, knowing more about Sámi culture or trying open fell biking? If yes, Saariselkä is the perfect summer destination for you.

  • Admire the midnight sun in a glazed igloo on the idyllic Iiskonlompolo lake.
  • Pedal to the top of the fell to see an endless row of open fells against a vast sky. Or head to the winding trails in the woods and let the flow of biking take you away. Experience the wonders of open fell biking on the marked trails in Urho Kekkonen National Park. In Saariselkä, bikes are rented by Lapland Safaris (Saariseläntie 13).
  • See the midnight sun from the top of Kaunispää: Urho Kekkonen National Park has amazing landscapes that can be reached on foot or by car.
  • The Sámi and unique local culture: Inari is the centre of Sámi culture in Finland, housing the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida and Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos. The small villages on the shore of lake Inarijärvi and its riverbanks come to life in summer. Inari roadtrip.
  • Swim, canoe, row or SUP surf on the Ivalonjoki river or Inarijärvi lake.


What is your choice: horseback tour in the picturesque Ylläs landscape, a full day of frisbee golf on either side of the Ylläs fell or a trip to the Varkaankuru ravine in Äkäslompolo or the Tuomikuru ravine in Ylläsjärvi? Whichever you choose, you are bound to see some breathtaking views.

  • The trips to the Varkaankuru ravine in Äkäslompolo and Tuomikuru ravine in Ylläsjärvi are suitable for the whole family.
  • Hop on the gondola lift or rent an electric fatbike and reach the top of Ylläs at 718 metres. You can come back down either by foot, along the great downhill bike trail or leisurely with the gondola lift.
  • The fell is surrounded by water on both sides, welcoming you to enjoy SUP surfing, canoeing or simply swimming.
  • There are frisbee golf courses in both towns, suitable for both beginners and more experienced golfers.
  • Äkäslompolo offers horseback riding. You can choose a day trip or a shorter tour.


Does any of these sound interesting: a visit to the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre or a trip to the Laestadius log cabin in Karesuando, Sweden, or an authentic Sámi village in the wilderness? If you answered yes, Hetta is your destination!

  • Hetta-Pallas is the most legendary hiking trail in Finland, and also one of the most beautiful. The sceneries range from evergreen forests to the barren landscape of fell tops. The route is well marked so you will not lose your way.
  • Jyppyrä Campfire Hut
  • Hetta Local History Museum
  • Raittijärvi, the last authentic Sámi village that is located in the wilderness
  • Karesuando village in Sweden with the cabin of Lars Levi Laestadius
  • The picturesque Hetta Church was designed by architect Veikko Larkas and inaugurated in 1952. The plastered church has a tiled roof, and it is the sixth church building in Enontekiö.


Feel the freshest fell top breeze. Breathe the freshest air in the world while marveling at the vastness of the fell landscape. The diverse hiking trails of the Pallas-Yllätuturi National Park take you from one fell top to the next, along with many great campfire sites. Climb the top of Taivaskero and visit the site where the Olympic flame was lit in 1952, before being transported across Finland to Helsinki by runners. Here you can see where it all started without having to run all the way to Helsinki.

  • Pallasjärvi red sand beach attracts both local and international visitors. Punainenhiekka is a beach located in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Its facilities include a wilderness hut and campfire site.
  • Be a hero of the Arctic Circle and hike from Pallas to Hetta or vice versa
  • Pallastunturi Visitor Centre. Learn about the Pallas-Yllätunturi National Park and the fauna of Pallas.
  • The scenic route to Hetta, Enontekiö, in the northern part of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.
  • Delicious food and great atmosphere in Pallas, served by the best – and only – restaurant in the national park.


Visit the northern destinations and let the summer enchant you.
Go on an adventure, enjoy outdoor activities or immerse yourself in tranquility.


Are you wondering what to do in Helsinki? Shopping and urban life on the streets of Helsinki, exhibitions in art galleries and museums, romantic staycation above the rooftops of the trendy Punavuori district or a bicycle or walking tour to the hidden natural gems of the Finnish capital? Choose Lapland Hotels Bulevardi as the base of your Lapventure and be inspired.

  • Book a penthouse suite with your significant other for the perfect in-room staycation above the rooftops of Punavuori, admiring the bustling life on the Bulevardi street in summer
  • Head to Design District Helsinki in the southern parts of the city for some retail therapy.
  • Visit the Myhelsinki website for walking tours to Helsinki by the sea.
  • See Helsinki on a bicycle: our hotel offers bicycles to guests, and Helsinki also has a lot of city bikes, suggested excursions can be found at


Would you like to admire the famous views from the Puijo Tower, listen to the quirky local dialect on the Market Square or start your day with an arctic char kalakukko and dine on a surprise menu in Gallá? Kuopio offers the peace of Finnish nature and a vast array of sports and activities.

  • Enjoy delicious food in restaurant Gallá that serves local delicacies from breakfast to dinner
  • Go sightseeing on a bicycle or the HOP ON HOP OFF bus
  • Climb to the tower at the top of the Puijo hill to see the famous landscape
  • Visit the legendary Kuopio Market Square and harbour
  • After an active day outdoors, enjoy the warmth of the hotel sauna and drinks in the cosy Lounge Bar.


Picture yourself having coffee on the Oulu Market Square, saying hello to the famous police statue, partying at the Nallikari beach, visiting Oulu Art Museum or relaxing on a staycation at Lapland Hotels Oulu. Choose Oulu as your Lapventure destination to get all of this.

  • Take a trip to Hailuoto
  • Enjoy a day on the beach in Nallikari
  • Board the floating sauna of Tuira or Värtö for steamy moments on the Oulujoki river.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee on the Market Square.
  • Explore the Oulu Art Museum and Science Centre
  • Take a day trip to Ainola Park
  • Spend an unforgettable staycation in Oulu.


Lapland Hotels Arena and Lapland Hotels Tampere are located in prime spots in the city centre. Tampere is easy to fall in love with. Spend a perfect summer’s day in Tampere eating doughnuts at the Pyynikki Observation Tower, visiting the Moomin Museum and going to the sauna, either in one of the city’s many public saunas or in the private sauna of your own hotel room. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Other cool attractions in Tampere:

  • Sara Hildén art museum
  • Finlaysonin area
  • Tammerkoski rapids on foot
Snow Village