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Our holiday resorts are found among some of the most majestic landscapes of Lapland. Each resort is unique – your holiday will take on a whole different character in an arctic town, in a busy fell village or in the peace of the wilderness.

We have a diverse programme of tourism activities, and in most of our hotels, our very own Holiday Host will be at your service during the autumn and spring seasons. In addition, our partner Lapland Safaris, the largest tourism services provider in Lapland, offers outdoor activities ranging from independent excursions to guided safaris, different types of pampering and wellbeing treatments, indoor sports facilities and, naturally, evening entertainment.

In our holiday resorts Ylläs and Saariselkä, your holiday will be made complete by our Feelgood services. Browse the holiday offering in our hotels and make the most of your stay in Lapland!

Activities in Saariselkä

With its magnificent tracks, slopes and services, Saariselkä is a paradise for people who enjoy outdoor activities. Landscapes speak for themselves. The weekly programme of our Holiday Host gives new ideas for regular visitors as well as for new guests.
»Read more about the activities of Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna

Activities in Ylläs

Indulge yourself with new activities in Ylläs where our Holiday Host takes care of guests and provides you memorable experiences in dreamlike fell landscapes. In cooperation with the largest programme service provider in the Nordic countries, Lapland Safaris, we provide a chance to a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.
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Activities in Olos

The compact ski resort of Olos is a paradise for an active holidaymaker. The sheltered resort and the splendid tracks of Fell Lapland offer activities for the whole day. After an excursion, you can treat your body in the swimming pool or in the brand new gym. Our partner, Lapland Safaris, also provides you a range of pleasing activities to tailor your holiday.
»Read more about Lapland Hotel Olos

Activities in Levi

In Levi, activities make the most of your holiday! Let our Holiday Host to inspire you and guide you to unforgettable experiences. Let’s go snowmobiling, snowshoe trekking or canoeing, and have coffee by a campfire.
»Read more about the activities of Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti

Activities in Pallas

In Pallas, even recreations have their own touch. In winter, you can get a completely new view on the tranquility of the national park when the ski school provides trips in snowy forests and on rugged fells. The beauty of the fells in Pallas also gives a chance to independently enjoy the peacefulness of Lapland.
»Read more about the activities of Lapland Hotel Pallas

Activities in Luosto

In Luosto, you can experience everything that you ever expected for a ski resort. You will be surrounded by magnificent tracks, varied ski slopes as well as nighttime events. Come and refresh your body and soul in the spa, treat yourself to our pampering treatments and exercise in the gym. Our accomplished Holiday Host serves also in Luosto and helps visitors to explore the uniqueness of Luosto on trips.
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Activities in Kilpisjärvi

Kilpisjärvi has often been regarded as a Mecca for real skiing aficionados but in reality it provides something for all. So does also our Holiday Host who has tailored the weekly programme to suit the spirit of Kilpis. The rugged fell provides excellent conditions for skiing trips and on a sunny day you can try kicksledding on the village road.
»Read more about the activities of Lapland Hotel Kilpis

Activities in Rovaniemi

Would you like to go directly to the slope from the front door of Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara? Or head for the cradle of culture to the city centre? Or perhaps you would be interested in programme services provided by our partner, Lapland Safaris? Whether you want to have fun indoors or outdoors, relax in beautiful sceneries or in the theatre, Rovaniemi has everything you wish!

Snow Village