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Lapland Safaris brings half a million visitors to the nature of Lapland annually.

Press release | Mon Oct 10 11:00:00 2022

– Forty years after its founding, the company is a forerunner in international adventure travel

Lapland Safaris, the biggest event service company in the Nordics, has been the forerunner in Lappish experiences already since 1982. This small, pioneering company grew over the years into a travel group which has multiplied its turnover a thousand times over and currently attracts especially international travelers to the arctic region.

When Seppo Siren and Reino Lehtoniemi founded the Lapland Safaris event service company in 1982, the international Lappish adventure travel business truly began. At that time, Lapland Safaris combined in a brand new way the most beautiful aspects of the nature and culture of Lapland into an experience that was then made available to the regular traveler.

In 40 years, Lapland Safaris has grown from two entrepreneurs into a travel group comprising over 600 people. Turnover is now a thousand times the original 35,000 euro. Currently Lapland Safaris brings around 500,000 travelers annually into the nature, the majority of whom are international travelers. Demand returned quickly after the pandemic.

– The general nature-oriented trend was seen through the fast recovery of traveling. Currently we are ahead of last year’s order book, even though last year also ended up being a good season, as international travel returned to its pre-pandemic level. Demand is strong especially in European countries, says Lapland Safaris’ Operations Manager Rami Korhonen.

The importance of sustainability is growing

Lapland Safaris has worked for 40 years to develop the best practices in event services as well as its safety culture together with its employees, customers and 300 business partners. For example, the company has received the only travel safety award in the field.

The most fundamental reason travelers come to Lapland is still the need to be in touch with nature and the desire to experience the arctic culture. In addition to event services, the company provides accomodation, food and activities in Lapland. Along with these, the themes of accountability are becoming increasingly important.

– “The sustainability of operations and the consideration for environmental consequences is starting to be visible in travelers’ choices. It is our mission to also increase people’s understanding of the effects of climate change on the nature of the arctic. In Lapland, where the infrastructure has already been developed to service travelers, it is possible to do this in a sustainable and controlled way,” adds Korhonen.

Celebrating the 40th year will be visible in many different ways

Currently Lapland Safaris is part of the most versatile and internationally exceptional adventure travel enterprise along with Lapland Hotels and Lapland Ski Resorts.

This 40-year-old business will celebrate its founding in various ways during the next year. There will be parties for employees and a travelling exhibition that showcases the history of Lapland Safaris and the entire event service business. There will also be special offers for customers along the year.

– “We will also be launching something entirely new. The future of Lapland Safaris and the entire travel business in Lapland looks very promising for the next 40 years,” states Korhonen.

For further information and interview requests, please contact:

Rami Korhonen
Operations Manager, Lapland Safaris
+358 400 56107

Northern experiences for all senses

Travel enterprise Lapland Hotels & Safaris offers northern experiences for all senses. It consists of Finland’s largest private hotel chain, Lapland Hotels, the largest event service company in the Nordic countries, Lapland Safaris Group Oy, and Lapland Ski Resorts. The group has a total of approximately 1,700 employees.

Lapland Safaris offers unique outdoor activities in eight destinations in Lapland: Rovaniemi, Ylläs, Saariselkä, Levi, Luosto, Olos, Hetta and Kilpisjärvi. Lapland Hotels has 19 hotels, more than 2,400 rooms and apartments as well as over 10,000 restaurant seats around Finland: in Ylläs, Levi, Saariselkä, Rovaniemi, Olos, Luosto, Kilpisjärvi, Pallas, Hetta, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio. Lapland Ski Resorts comprises five ski centres located in Ylläs, Luosto, Olos, Pallas and Rovaniemi.

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