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Lapland maintains its popularity as a summer holiday destination – a significant number of pre-bookings from international guests

Press release | Thu Jun 16 10:16:00 2022

This summer, after a long pause, international guests are expected in Lapland in addition to domestic tourists. Lapland Hotels offers a wide selection of summer activities ranging from river cruises to mountain biking and national park tours. Over the summer, you can also experience the northern atmosphere outside of Lapland in the urban hotels in Oulu, Kuopio, Tampere and Helsinki.

Domestic tourism will continue strongly and the hotel chain Lapland Hotels and the event service company Lapland Safaris are expecting the number of tourist to at least match that of last summer. In fact, the number of tourists might even exceed last summer as Lapland is calling to many international tourists after a two-year break due to COVID-19.

– Based on pre-bookings, the outlook is quite positive especially in relation to international tourists. Domestic tourism is also looking good, but much can still change as last-minute reservations are typical for summer travel. However, domestic demand will continue to grow. Finns are also interested in urban destinations in addition to Lapland whereas visitors from abroad wish to experience the arctic summer by touring Lapland, says Ari Vuorentausta, CEO of Lapland Hotels.

Riverboats make a return in Rovaniemi

This summer, Lapland Hotels & Safaris offers plenty of activities in different parts of Lapland. In Rovaniemi, the traditional wooden riverboats are making a return after a two-year hiatus, offering the possibility of admiring Lapland’s natural beaty from the waters. A river cruise can be combined with a visit to a reindeer farm.

The imposing landscape can also be admired from the Ounasvaara chairlift and the summer bobsleigh track. In addition to a bobsleigh, you can come down the hill by foot or bike along the BikePark down-hill trail. The Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle is open every day throughout the year.

More ecological travel with rental equipment

Another popular destination are the various national parks with guided tours, which are especially appealing to international tourists who wish to enjoy the natural beauty of Lapland. Exploring independently is also possible thanks to sufficient sign posts, and rental equipment is available in nearly all destinations. The never-ending wilderness of Lapland offers a great setting for hiking, biking, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

– Currently, we have a very wide variety of equipment on offer depending on the location, ranging from tents and backpacks to even canoes and kayaks. Rental equipment makes travel easier as you do not have to bring your own gear. In addition, you do not need to own everything yourself, which is also an ecological and sustainable choice, says Rami Korhonen, Director of Operations of Lapland Safaris.

Rental mountain bikes are in especially high demand in the summer season, so you might want to book in advance online

Tour all of Finland and get a free overnight stay

Those who prefer urban destinations can experience authentic Lapland tastes and atmosphere in the abundant breakfast servings and extensive dinner menus of Lapland Hotels’ urban hotels in Oulu, Kuopio, Tampere and Helsinki. The hotels are all also equipped with several saunas where you can relax at the end of a vacation day.

Lapland Hotels invites you to come and experience the northern atmosphere in our locations all around Finland. You can experience Lapland all the way from Helsinki to Kilpisjärvi. By staying at the hotels of the Lapland Hotels chain for five nights between June and August, you will get a sixth night for free. You will receive the Lapventure pass at your first stay.

Additional information about Lapland Hotels’ summer offerings.

Media contact:

Ari Vuorentausta


Lapland Hotels Oy


Rami Korhonen

Director of Operations

Lapland Safaris Oy


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