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Lapland Hotels' summer restaurants and terraces offer above all experiences, with authentic Lapland flavours on the side

Press release | Fri May 26 09:23:00 2023

Summer restaurants and terraces are an important addition to the hotel business of Lapland Hotels, Finland's largest private hotel chain. The majority of the terraces offer authentic flavours from Lapland, and the beverage selection and service are of the same high standard as in the hotels. Particular emphasis is placed on an immersive atmosphere – for example, the Laawu Rooftop & Terrace of Lapland Hotels Arena in Tampere is presently at the sizzling centre of the World Ice Hockey Championship action.

Lapland Hotels offers a taste of summer for every palate. You can tour different restaurants and terraces throughout Finland, from the northern fells to the bustle of Helsinki. At the moment, the atmosphere of the World Ice Hockey Championship can be enjoyed on the terrace of Lapland Hotels Arena in Tampere, where hockey fans are held preparties before the games, among other services.

“Because the hotel is literally at the centre of events, at Nokia Arena, we are living and breathing the hockey frenzy. We want to be involved in creating a good atmosphere and at the same time offer northern flavours to both Finnish and international spectators. Especially on game nights, there has been a nice buzz on the terrace,” says Leena Turunen, Area General Manager of Lapland Hotels.

Unique experiences by the River Kemijoki

Lapland Hotels' service concept is based on offering experiences, and this is also strongly reflected in the summer restaurants and terraces. According to Turunen, customers are currently expecting something more from the terraces than just refreshments.

“For example, Kesärafla Sauna, located in Rovaniemi near Ounasvaara, on the banks of the River Kemijoki, is already a local legend. You can enjoy both barbecue and the best sauna in the city from 2 June.”

Savurafla Kotisaari, which was opened last summer, is also one of the must-have experiences in Rovaniemi during the summer. The restaurant is situated in a boathouse on a small island. The location is a great experience in itself, and it is crowned by the BBQ concept created by Head Chef Tero Mäntykangas.

“This year, Savurafla’s ambiance can be enjoyed freely during the restaurant’s opening hours, even without pre-booking. You can also arrive in your own boat at that time. For those who have not booked the menu beforehand, we offer snacks like the brisket burger, and good drinks, of course.”

Breakfast on the terrace is part of summer

The popular breakfast served at Lapland Hotels' city hotels has been honoured many times. According to Turunen, it is a sure sign of summer when customers have their breakfast on the terraces.

“Enjoying morning porridge on a sunny terrace gets you into the holiday mood. Many people think that terraces are only for evenings, but at Lapland Hotels the terraces serve from morning to evening. For example, the Lapland delicacies on the terrace of Kultá Kitchen & Bar in Bulevardi are definitely worth a try.”

This year as well, Lapland Hotels will launch the popular Lapventure Summer Campaign, which offers a sixth night free of charge when you stay at Lapland Hotels for five nights between 1 June and 13 August 2023.

Read more about summer restaurants and terraces at:

For further information and interview requests, please contact:

Leena Turunen
Area General Manager, Urban Hotels
Lapland Hotels Oy
+358 445450545

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