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Lapland Hotels Kuopio and Gallá Kitchen & Bar to open doors

Press release | Thu May 16 11:40:00 2019

A piece of Lapland will arrive in Savo in June, when Lapland Hotels Kuopio opens its doors on 1 June 2019. At the same time, the hotel will open Gallá Kitchen & Bar, which will combine the purest Northern ingredients with the most modern flavours. The soon-to-be-opened hotel also provides high-quality meeting facilities.

New Lapland Hotels Kuopio brings a touch of Lappish mystique to the heart of Savo, with a blazing fireplace and Northern wellness. The hotel is the fourth city hotel in the Lapland Hotels portfolio, together with Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki.

Every detail of this high-standard hotel is meticulously thought out – the décor exudes peace and harmony. Lappish hospitality and immediate contact with people are the cornerstones of the hotel’s service.

“For us, modern Lapland and its peace and quiet mean elegant stylishness and uncomplicated hospitality. We want the customer’s pulse to come down immediately upon arrival!,” says manager of the Kuopio hotel, Miia Siltala.

The new hotel provides 139 rooms, ranging from single rooms to suites with sauna baths. The hotel promises peaceful sleep in unique, specially manufactured beds.

Five customisable meeting rooms bring high-quality, memorable meeting services to Kuopio.

Ingredients and taste sensations straight from the Northern nature

Gallá Kitchen & Bar, which will be opened with the hotel, will bring the city a one of a kind restaurant experience.

“We want to bring a modern version of the Lappish spirit to Kuopio and offer something that’s never been seen here before. Lapland and its nature are at the centre of everything we do,” declares head chef at Lapland Hotels, Tero Mäntykangas.

The restaurant serves lunches and dinners with a little more privacy in the Javri private cabinets. The rooms easily transform from dinner setups for couples to evening events for small groups. The lobby bar with its terrace offers the most amazing cocktails and snacks from the restaurant’s selection.
All of Lapland's most valued natural ingredients are listed on the restaurant's menu. There’s ptarmigan, king crab, Arctic char and matsutake mushroom, a favourite of the Japanese.

“With regard to ingredients, we’re as self-sufficient as possible. I know where our reindeer comes from and who the supplier of our ptarmigan is, and I know the precise origins of our turnips in Sodankylä,” Chef Mäntykangas elaborates.
There’s also an idea to possibly recreate a Savo delicacy in a Lappish way.

“For Tampere, we created a black reindeer sausage that became so popular that it’s now set for breakfast in Kuopio, as well. Perhaps we will still be able to invent a Lappish version of kalakukko, Kuopio’s famous fish pasty,” Chef Mäntykangas hints.

Gallá Kitchen & Bar will be included in the Satoa Goes Wild! food festival in June. At the event, the restaurant will offer food adventurers reindeer tartar. This special portion – offered at a low price – will provide those in town with a delicious first taste of Lapland, brought all the way to Kuopio.

Additional information and interview requests:

Ari Vuorentausta
Managing Director, Lapland Hotels, p. 0400 419 896

Tero Mäntykangas
Executive Chef, Lapland Hotels, p. 0400 891544

Lapland Hotels is the largest privately owned hotel chain in Finland, comprising 18 hotels with 2,400 rooms and apartments, as well as restaurant seating for over 9,000 guests in Ylläs, Levi, Saariselkä, Rovaniemi, Olos, Luosto, Kilpisjärvi, Pallas, Hetta, Tampere and Oulu. In summer 2019, Lapland Hotels will also open a venue in Kuopio. The hotel chain also has ski resort activities in Ylläs, Luosto, Olos, Pallas and Rovaniemi, and the Group boasts Scandinavia’s biggest programme service company, Lapland Safaris.

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