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Lapland Hotels has already more than 1,200 saunas – in Tampere, even local residents can go to sauna above the rooftops

Press release | Mon Nov 28 15:00:00 2022

The hotel chain Lapland Hotels already offers nearly one hundred different saunas, in two different hotels in Tampere for anyone looking to relax. The sauna areas located on the rooftops of the hotels are especially suitable for lifting both hotel customers and local residents above daily life, directly into an atmosphere of the natural beauty of Lapland. Currently, the hotel chain has the most saunas in the whole world, which people come to see and try out even from abroad.

Lapland Hotels Arena, opened last year, and Lapland Hotels Tampere, where renovations will be soon completed, both strengthen Tampere’s reputation as the sauna capital of the world: there are over 70 saunas in the Lapland Hotels Arena rooms alone. In addition, the Laawu Rooftop Terrace & Sauna, located on the rooftop, provides a unique twist to the city of saunas. The rooftop saunas of both hotels, located at the Nokia Arena and on Yliopistonkatu, provide an opportunity to enjoy the cityscape of Tampere in a personal oasis of peace – and they can be reserved by local residents in addition to hotel guests.

– “We have so many saunas because we want to provide some Nordic well-being and peace to our customers. You can relax in the peace and quiet of your own hotel room or in the sauna arenas, which offer a completely different experience, rhythm and atmosphere. What could be better than sitting in a rooftop jacuzzi, gazing at the starry sky and the landscape of Pispalanharju on a cold winter evening,” says Area General Manager Leena Turunen.

Laawu Rooftop Terrace & Sauna, opened last year on the rooftop of Lapland Hotels Arena, has attracted visitors even from abroad.

– “The tranquillity of the rooftop sauna area provides a striking contrast to the surrounding environment. The Nokia Arena building is very modern indeed, but once you step on the sauna path on the rooftop terrace, you are transported directly to the wilderness of Lapland. It’s like a separate oasis above Tampere.”

Crises increase Finns appreciation of sauna

There has been a marked increase in using saunas at hotels and in the number of bookings of hotel rooms equipped with saunas during COVID-19 – and there is no change in sight.

– “COVID-19 boosted Finns appreciation of saunas and the same pattern is continuing with the current energy crisis. People are willing to invest in their own well-being and they also want to go to sauna during their hotel vacation. There is even research demonstrating that sauna provides people with unique well-being and escape from daily life,” says Leena.

Lapland Hotels has saunas in all of its urban destinations, including Helsinki, Kuopio and Oulu in addition to Tampere. With more than 100 saunas, the hotel located on Bulevardi in Helsinki has the most. However, most of the entire hotel chain’s saunas are in the Lapland locations, where you can go to sauna in apartments, cabins as well as hotel rooms.

Sauna from Finland certificate to urban hotels

Lapland Hotels’ four urban hotels, located in Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere have been awarded the “Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience” quality certificate. The certificate is awarded by the Sauna from Finland sauna expert network. The certificate demonstrates that the offered sauna services are globally top-class – and that they fulfil nearly 100 different criteria.

– “In order to be awarded the certificate, the entire sauna experience must be in order – starting with the preparations. Factors such as cleanliness and safety are important. What is especially great about Lapland Hotels is that they also display instructions for using the sauna on screens in their hotel rooms, which no other company does,” says Carita Harju, Executive Director of Sauna from Finland.

Read more about the certificate:

For further information and interview requests, please contact:

Leena Turunen
Area General Manager, Lapland Hotels Oy

Carita Harju
Executive Director
Sauna from Finland
+358 40 566 2481

Travel enterprise Lapland Hotels & Safaris offers northern experiences for all senses. It consists of Finland’s largest private hotel chain, Lapland Hotels, the largest event service company in the Nordic countries, Lapland Safaris Group Oy, and Lapland Ski Resorts.The Group has a total of approximately 1,700 employees.
Lapland Hotels has 19 hotels, more than 2,400 rooms and apartments, as well as over 10,000 restaurant seats around Finland: In Ylläs, Levi, Saariselkä, Rovaniemi, Olos, Luosto, Kilpisjärvi, Pallas, Hetta, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio.
Lapland Safaris offers unique outdoor activities in eight destinations in Lapland: Rovaniemi, Ylläs, Saariselkä, Levi, Luosto, Olos, Hetta and Kilpisjärvi.Lapland Ski Resorts comprises five ski centres located in Ylläs, Luosto, Olos, Pallas and,

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