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Due to a system upgrade, joining the Lapland Hotels Club, logging into member pages, and checking or using points will not be possible temporarily. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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The following terms and conditions are applied to all members of the Lapland Hotels Club (members who have joined the Lappi Klubi (Lapland Club) before 18 September 2017 and those who have joined the Lapland Hotels Club program after 18 September 2017). The name of the customer loyalty program (Lappi Klubi) has been changed and the contents renewed. These terms and conditions of the Lapland Hotels Club program enter into force on 18 September 2017.


The minimum age requirement for Lapland Hotels Club membership is 18 years.
You can join the program any time at or at the reception of a Lapland Hotels resort. Membership is free.
After registration, members gain access to their own profile page and membership number. You can see your earned points on the profile page.
Only one person can be registered for each membership. Only one member per room can receive the benefits for an overnight stay. A membership cannot be granted to enterprises or other legal persons.
Lapland Hotels reserves the right to alter all terms, conditions and benefits related to the program at the company's exclusive discretion, and will inform the Lapland Hotels Club members in advance via at least one information channel, i.e. the website, e-mail or mail. Lapland Hotels may also make alterations that affect the conditions of earning points, the redemption of points, the reward types and the availability of rewards.
The membership is valid until further notice. Lapland Hotels reserves the right to terminate the Lapland Hotels Club program by informing the members 6 (six) months in advance.
Lapland Hotels reserves the right to cancel a Lapland Hotels Club membership if the membership has been misused. Members can also cancel their membership any time by submitting a written notice of the cancellation to the Lapland Hotels sales service:

Points can be earned starting from the day when the member has joined the Lapland Hotels Club program. Similarly, the point benefits for the members who joined the previous customer loyalty program (Lappi Klubi) are available directly starting from the next booking, however at the earliest 18 September 2017.
The point benefits are family-specific.
Points can be earned by only one Lapland Hotels Club member per room and for a maximum of three simultaneously booked rooms which are also billed on the same invoice or paid by the same person.
To obtain points for the overnight stays that qualify for point accumulation, a member must register as a customer staying at the hotel.
4.1. To earn points, the member must give his/her membership number during booking or, at the latest, when checking in at the hotel.

4.2. To earn points, the member must make the reservation via a Lapland Hotels sales channel (Lapland Hotels Online Store or telephone sales).

4.3. Points may also be obtained for reservations made via business travel services (GDS, Hotelzon) if the customer has a contract for services with Lapland Hotels, and if not otherwise defined in the agreement between the company and Lapland Hotels. If the reservation is made through a business travel service, the customer must give his/her membership number at the hotel upon check-in, so the points may be added to his/her account.

5. If points have been awarded incorrectly, Lapland Hotels may cancel them afterwards.

6. Tour operators’ package deals or free introductory visits do not qualify for points accumulation. Overnight stays booked via third-party booking services (e.g., Expedia, do not qualify for points accumulation. Points are not awarded for redeemed reward stays.

7. Points earned by a member cannot be combined with the points of another membership account or transferred to another membership account. Points cannot be sold, inherited, transferred or otherwise exchanged for money. An earned reward stay can, however, be given to another person.

8. The registration of points to a member’s Lapland Hotels Club account takes 4 (four) days, starting from the check-out. Members can access their account information at

9. The accrued points are valid for 3 (three) years from the day they are obtained.

10. If a member feels he/she has received an incorrect amount of points for his/her hotel stays, the member must send a written request to the Lapland Hotels sales service.

Sales service contact information:

telephone: +358 (0)16 3200 200


Lapland Hotels Club points can be used for reward stays in all the hotels of the Lapland Hotels chain. The member must book the reward stay himself/herself, and it is valid for two persons in a standard double room.
The classification of reward stays may be altered any time at the discretion of Lapland Hotels.
If a member gives his/her reward stay to another person, the reservation must still be made under the member’s (owner of the points) name.


Lapland Hotels Club points may also be used for lift tickets, equipment rentals or Lapland Safaris’ activities by redeeming a reward voucher.
The reward vouchers are worth 10,000 and 5000 points.
A reward voucher may be used for the listed nature tours and activities offered by our subsidiary Lapland Safaris, or at ski resorts (Ylläs, Palläs, Oulos and Ounasvaara), as well as for equipment rentals in these resorts.
Reward vouchers are valid for one year from the day they are redeemed. Activities offered by Lapland Safaris must be booked in advance, and availability can only be guaranteed upon booking.
A reward voucher can be redeemed at (my account) or at our hotel receptions.
Reservations must be made by contacting the service provider directly:
Lapland Safaris

telephone: +358 (0)16 33 11 200

7. The customer’s credit card information is requested to confirm booking, even though the method of payment is the reward voucher.

8. The customer must hand over the reward voucher at Lapland Safaris’ customer service point.

9. An unused reward voucher or its part is not reclaimed by Lapland Hotels.


Privacy policy

Lapland Hotels Oy keeps a customer register of the collected personal information, and the data is primarily used for the following purposes:
To provide, offer, develop and maintain services
To handle reservations
For customer relationship management and to develop and personalise the service-related communications.
When you give us your personal details and accept the applicable terms of use, you consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

2. Lapland Hotels may enter e.g. the following information into the register:

Identification details: name, date of birth and contact information
Information on the services ordered by the customer, their delivery and invoicing
Registration details such as a user ID, password or other potential identifier
Profiling and interest details submitted by the user
Information on the use of the website and our services, and the customer relationship of the user, such as payment contact information, customer feedback data and order details
Other possible information collected with the customer’s consent.

3. The information recorded in the customer register is obtained from the registered persons themselves and possibly as transfer from other personal data registers. The foundation is always the registered person’s consent or a statutory provision. The collection and processing of data may occur when you are using the services, e.g. when you make a reservation, or during your stay and after it. We collect personal data in different ways, e.g. by using cookies, web beacons and customer surveys.

4. Lapland Hotels uses contract partners for example in the operation of information systems, resulting in potential transfer of personal data to these contract partners. Our contract partners handle your personal details only on behalf of Lapland Hotels and according to instructions provided by us, and only after they have signed a data processing contract as laid down in the applicable legislation. Lapland Hotels may disclose your personal data to third parties, such as the police or other authorities, under legal provisions or an authority decision. The data is not disclosed to parties outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

5. You have the right to receive a copy of your personal details that we are processing. Upon your request, we will rectify or remove incorrect, redundant or outdated personal details. You have the right to forbid Lapland Hotels at any time from processing your personal information for marketing purposes, or to cancel the given consent. Please direct all inquiries related to the privacy policy and personal data to:

seuraa meitä

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