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Rebranded Kaivohuone

Starting from 1.9. Lapland Hotels and Lapland Safaris has opened a Restaurant & Shop/Rental – complex in the old Kaivohuone premises. Kaivohuone has been open in the recent years only partly as a (sports) pub run by Lapland Hotels. At the same time, the new name has been published: Kitchen & northern cafe Well.

We are open daily between 1.9-1.10. and from 1st of December on. Lapland Safaris is open Mon-Fri 9-16 and Sat- Sun 10-15. Kitchen & northern cafe Well is open daily from 9:00 to 24:00. Lunch is served 11-15 and kitchen is open until 22:00 for those who want to enjoy nice burgers and beer.

In Lapland Safaris Shop we have fatbikes and different kinds of camping equipment for rent (tents, day backpacks, hiking backpacks, Kupilkas etc.). For sale, we have Vaude prooducts, different kinds of Lappish delicacies, clothes with Ylläs – branding, cuddly toys, buffs etc. We don’t have a weekly programme available yet, but we are of course happy to organize autumn activities for groups of different sizes. In Äkäslompolo we will serve customers from this building starting from today, also the winter clothing will be here. The building in Sivulantie will continue as office space, storage and staff accommodation. The office in Ylläsjärvi (Taiga building) will run as normal for winter season. The safari departures will still continue from Sivulantie, if the safari is leaving from Äkäslompolo side – as some things are a bit complicated here  Most of our safaris will, however, depart from Ylläsjärvi. We will take care of transfers to lanssi wherever the safari is departing from.

Welcome to experience the new Kitchen & norhtern cafe Well!

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