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Äkäslompolo is an authentic Lapp village in the arms of seven fells and at the foot of Yllästunturi fell. You will find all services near at hand. For splendid opportunities for outdoor activities, all you need to do is step outside. Ylläs is particularly well-known for its great hiking routes and versatile slopes. In the snowless season, there is an outstanding selection of activities from Nordic walking to a mini spa and wonderful pampering treatments.

Not to be missed

The ideal seasons for excursions in Ylläs are summer and autumn. In summer, holiday activities include fishing, canoeing, cycling, downhill biking, riding, cultural events, and visiting a petting zoo and art and craft galleries.

Have a peek into the depths of Lake Pakasaivo, an ancient place of worship that has inspired many tales. The locals believed that the lake had a double bottom, and suspected that the fish disappeared into the “lower waters”. At its peak, the cliff face is 70 metres high, 60 metres of which is covered by water. This incredibly deep lake, 15 km west of Äkäslompolo, was created by the meltwaters of the continental ice sheet.

Keep an eye out for Äkäsmylly, and old mill in the rapids of River Äkäsjoki that was used for milling flour. At a later date, old outbuildings were relocated and put up nearby. You will find the mill to the west of the National Park at the confluence of River Äkäsjoki and Lake Äkäsjärvi.

Climb from Pirunkuru ravine to Kesänkitunturi fell. You can follow the ravine all the way from the eastern end of Lake Kesänkijärvi to the top of Kesänkitunturi fell rising to the height of 500 metres. On your way, put your arms around the old trees and ancient pines. In Ylläs, seven splendid fells will be within your reach; Ylläs 718 m, Lainio 613 m, Kesänki 517 m, Pyhä 480 m, Kellostapuli 460 m, Kukas 460 m and Kuer 443 m.

To see and to do:

  • Varkaankuru ravine
  • Lake Pakasaivo
  • Äkäslinkka rapids and Äkäsmylly mill
  • Niesakero wilderness trail
  • Lake Äkässaivo
  • Kuerlinkka rapids
  • Scenic drive
  • Chapel of St Lauri

Weather at Ylläs

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