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Immerse yourself in the life and culture of the fells. Fell Lapland is a unique cluster of arctic mountains where the environment is the cleanest in Europe. The oldest hotel in our chain, Lapland Hotel Pallas (built in 1938) was touched by wartime history. In the war years, 1941-1944, the splendid hotel in Pallas was used as a holiday resort for German soldiers, until German troops blew it up while retreating in October 1944. The new Pallas hotel, designed by architect Jouko Ylihannu, opened its doors in spring 1948.

Go hiking around the Taivaskero trail and climb the highest peak of the Pallas fell cluster at 807 metres. The area has some interesting history; on top of Taivaskero fell, the Olympic torch was lit on 6 July 1952 from the rays of the midnight sun. Thirteen days later, the Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi lit the Olympic flame at Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Accompanied by experienced Pallas guides, you will find plenty to do. There are ski tours, pancake parties, trips around the nature trails and other holiday activities each day of the week.

Not to be missed

One of the most popular hiking destinations of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is the 55-kilometre Hetta-Pallas trail, which was marked out back in 1934. The trail runs across the fells, every now and then dipping into the ravines, as if to let the wanderers prepare themselves before cresting the next fell for another breathtaking view. The trail is signposted with arrows.

Stop at the waterfall of Ruoppaköngäs, a scenic river and rock formation. This magnificent natural attraction is easy to reach. It is located on the River Kulkujoki on the way to Pallas, 22 kilometres from Levi towards Muonio. If you arrive from the south, you will find it on your left some 200 metres from Road 78.

Follow the Vatikuru nature trail. This three-kilometre circuit starts from the Pallastunturi Visitor Centre. On the way, you can immerse yourself in the life and culture of the fells. You can also leave the nature trail for a longer hike, the tour of Taivaskero.

Make a detour to the Pallastunturi Visitor Centre and its permanent exhibition of the geological history, flora and fauna of the Pallastunturi-Ounastunturi fell group. The centre offers also changing exhibitions and DVD shows on request. Entry to the Visitor Centre is free.

To the east of Pallastunturi fells, you will find one of the jewels of Lapland, Lake Pallasjärvi, which is rich in fish. The Pyhäjoki nature trail (3 km) starting from near Lake Pallasjärvi, brings visitors around the lushest stream valley in the area. The nature trail follows the edges of Yläniitty meadow, which over the years has become a heritage landscape with valuable plant species. You can stop in the meadow for a picnic and try and identify rare species. Such endangered plants as the triangle moonwort can be found here.

Continue on your way to the north. On the eastern flank of the Pallastunturi-Ounastunturi chain, you can follow a magnificent scenic route to Enontekiö and Hetta at the northern end of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

Weather at Pallas

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