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In Olos resort in Muonio, you will find everything it takes to have a good holiday: privacy and company, well-kept slopes, the best cross-country tracks and routes and top-class accommodation in holiday apartments and suites. The peacefulness of the resort is accentuated by views from the hotel windows across the splendid fell landscapes.

Olostunturi fell (509 m), home to the ski resort, is the principal fell in the municipality of Muonio. The winter ski tracks can be used as hiking trails in the summer. Olos is well-known as the ski resort where the season starts early. The snow cannons begin to work as soon as the first freezing temperatures come in the autumn and the winter season gets off to a good start. In the snowless season, the fell has a good selection of nature trails.

On the peak of the fell, hairy stonecrop is found, a protected plant that is extremely rare in Finland. You can ski or walk around the fell, stopping at one of the two campsites on the way. There are also five wind turbines on top of Olostunturi fell. Their combined electricity production meets the annual consumption of some 1,300 flats.

Not to be missed

Local art in Muonio offers a versatile experience. You may be amazed at the standard here beyond the Arctic Circle. The paintings of Veli Koljonen and Kyösti Jokelainen, or the work of photographer Jaakko Alatalo, which draws its inspiration from nature, as well as Alli Ohenoja’s handicrafts are sure to charm the visitor. Music is also popular. You can hear traditional accordion music on almost every festive occasion. In fact, many of the best Finnish accordion players hail from Muonio.

Muonio is steeped in cultural tradition. The inhabitants of Pirkkala went to Jerisjärvi for their winter fisheries and to make tar. This old cultural heritage is represented by the fishing huts in Keimiönniemi. Artefacts depicting recent history and the way of life in the area have been collected in the Muonio museum.

Overt the millennia the forces of nature have left their mark in the area around Muonio. In makes an interesting trek when you explore these phenomena in person. The Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park and Lake Pakasaivo in southern Muonio are good examples of natural transformations which have taken place during the last Ice Age.

To see and to do:

  • Keimiöniemi fishing huts
  • Museum
  • Muonio church
  • Olostunturi fell
  • Lake Pakasaivo
  • Äijäkoski rapids
  • Äkäsmylly mill
  • Ecumenical cross
  • National Park of Pallas-Yllästunturi

Weather at Olos

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