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There is so much to do in Levi. The versatile services of this international ski resort are within your reach, and it will be easy to forget your everyday worries in its action-packed and easy-going atmosphere. The pulse of the fell village is slow in the mornings, picks up speed during the day, and beats in time in with dance music in the evenings. You will have plenty of activities and entertainment to choose from in this World Cup status ski resort.

Plenty of activities are also available in the summertime. Families with young children will find a lot to do in the gondola area, or they can explore the Adventure Park. Mountain biking enthusiasts can take on the challenges of the Bike Park. During the mid-summer, the golf links in Levi are teaming with activity all night long. More adventures await you in Levi Adventure Park, which offers experiences for visitors of all ages. This park located near the gondola area in the fell forest will put your balance, concentration, coordination and strength to the test.

Not to be missed

One way of getting to know Lapland in different seasons is to visit galleries that exhibit the work of local artists. Over the decades, the diversity of nature and the entire Lappish way of life have been preserved in paintings.

Drop in at a wilderness studio. The home of a well-known Lappish painter, Reidar Särestöniemi (1925–1981), in Kaukonen, Kittilä, is a wilderness studio and art gallery, as well as a museum shop. In Kaukonen you will find a collection of 500 works of art in an appropriate setting. There are oils, pastels, aquarelles, woodcuts and other graphic arts, as well as drawings and drafts to add an interesting new perspective. The theme of the gallery changes a couple of times a year.

Visit the studio at Raekallio Gallery. The pen and brush of Reijo Raekallio in Kittilä have already produced nearly 2,000 magnificent oils, aquarelles and works of graphic art with a taste of life. The gallery and studio in the near-deserted village of Pöntsö, 18 kilometres from Levi towards Muonio, should not be missed. The productive host makes sure that the exhibition is constantly being renewed.

In the chapel of Maria in a fell village you can pause, or attend various concerts. The chapel is open daily.

To see and to do:

  • Gallery Raekallio
  • Särestöniemi Museum
  • Art Museum Einari Junttila
  • Levi Summit Meetings and Events Centre
  • Art by Sirpa Alalääkkölä

Weather at Levi

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