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In the scenic plateau of Kilpisjärvi, the steep cliffs of Saana rise up out of Lake Kilpisjärvi. Further away Halti, the highest fell in Finland, stands out as a challenge to hikers. The village of Kilpisjärvi has is a welcoming tourist centre that offers experiences in every season. The fell village is set amidst breathtaking scenery right on the border with Norway and Sweden. In this region are found the only fells in Finland that exceed 1,000 metres in height. The snow lingers here well into the summer. Every June, a skiing competition is part of the traditional midsummer celebrations on Saana. True Lapland is an extensive and diverse region that boasts attractions shaped by both nature and mankind. It is well worth several visits.

Not to be missed

Come and see True Lapland, the last virgin wilderness area in Finland in the border region of three countries. The great fells, including the unforgettable Saana in Kilpisjärvi, or Malla, which will guard the oldest nature reserve in Finland forever, are part of Finland’s national landscape, our shared heritage.

Have your picture taken on the border between three countries. A water bus is an easy way of getting to the boundary mark, even for the youngest in the family. A boat will take you from the village to the Kolttalahti dock. From there the distance to the border is less than three kilometres. If you prefer to hike, your route will go through the Malla nature reserve via Siilaskoski and Kitsiputous. In summer, this path, 11 km in length, is the only permitted route across the park.

See the majestic fell of Saana. Saana, which soars to 1,029 m, is the best-known landmark in Kilpisjärvi. The western flank of Saana, revered as a holy fell by the Sámi, is a nature preserve due to the many rare species of butterflies that make the higher slopes their habitat. The paths on the northern side of the fell are free for public access, and in the Saana nature preserve, you may follow the sign-posted path.

Catch your breath at Tshakaljärvi waterfall. The beautiful Tsahkal waterfall, which you can reach on a sign-posted path, is only 1.5 km from the village centre. At an old wooden bridge, a path to Halti veers off. The bridge offers a charming view across Lake Kilpisjärvi.

You will be enchanted by the foams of the Bridal Veil. This staggering waterfall is 25 km from Kilpisjärvi towards the Norwegian border. The foams of the waterfall tumble down like a veil, hence its name. Follow the path to the foot of the waterfall and let its spray moisten your face.

Weather at Kilpisjärvi

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