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In Hetta, the Sámi culture and its traditions are alive and strong. In this scenic village on Lake Ounasjärvi, you can forget your everyday worries and replenish your energy on the magnificent ski tracks and hiking trails. On the Norwegian side of the border a short drive from Hetta, you will find the Sámi village of Kautokeino.

Not to be missed

Climb to the enchanted site on Jyppyränvaara fell. From here a stone idol, worshipped as late as in the 19th century, rolled into Lake Ounasjärvi. The peak offers breathtaking views of Ounastunturi fell and Lake Ounasjärvi. A carefully signposted trail will take you there from Tunturi-Lappi Visitor Centre. The signs provide information about the customary ways of celebrating Midsummer, stone idols and postal routes. For a longer hike, you can veer off the nature trail and go further. The fascinating route is dotted with bird-watching towers, stone idols, monuments, old summer huts of the reindeer-herding Sámi and their reindeer separation pens. At a panoramic campsite, you can cook your sausages over a campfire and savour the majestic landscapes.

To see and to do:

  • Tunturi-Lappi Visitor Centre
  • The old site of worship in Jyppyrä and recreation area
  • Hetta Local History Museum
  • Hetta Ski Resort
  • Frisbee Golf course in Hetta Hiihtomaa
  • Karesuando village in Sweden, cabin of the famous preacher Laestedius
  • Idyllic church
  • Splendid views of fell Kaarevaara

Weather at Hetta

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