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Route 8 - Experience a unique journey

from 38 € /person / in double room / night

On this famous route you can enjoy the exquisite beauty of Lapland. The journey is made extra special by the rocky mountains and the midnight sun. On this tour you will also meet the fresh wind from the Arctic Ocean!

During your once in a lifetime trip you will stay in unique and comfortable destinations, provided by Lapland Hotels – experience the Route 8 on a motorbike, a car or a bicycle. A true friend of Lapland will, of course, go through the entire route: admire the majestic fells, let your eyes rest on the peaceful Arctic landscape or enjoy the atmosphere of an idylic fell village.

The charm of Lapland extends from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi. Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna and Lapland Hotel Kilpis are especially popular amongst motorists.

Choose a direction and a suitable pace. Download your own route map from our website straight to your mobile phone or navigator, and enjoy our summer offer by staying in our hotels.

Our services to motorists:

Read about all the additional advantages you are entitled to when staying in one of our hotels.

  • You will be given a towel to help you keep your visor clean until your next stop, one towel per helmet
  • Motorbike oils and spray for the chains are also available
  • Lapland Hotel Kilpis offers garage to store your bike in


Travel distances

Ylläs - Olos 60 km
Ylläs - Levi 70 km
Levi - Saariselkä 235 km
Saariselkä - Lakselv 470 km
Lakselv - Kilpisjärvi 510 km
Kilpisjärvi - Hetta 175 km
Hetta - Pallas 110 km
Pallas - Levi 60 km
Pallas - Rovaniemi 200 km
Levi - Rovaniemi 160 km

Price includes Breakfast plus a visor cleaning cloth for each helmet. Some of the hotels, for example Lapland Hotel Kilpis, are equipped with a washing site and a garage for motorcycles. You can buy oil and chain spray at all our summer hotels.

Lapland Hotels summer tour pass
The most wanted pass - every fifth night is free.
The summer tour pass includes a great offer for the Route 8 travellers: stamps from four nights spent in Lapland Hotels entitle you to one free night in any of our hotels in Ylläs, Saariselkä, Levi, Olos, Rovaniemi, Pallas, Kilpisjärvi or Luosto.

Ask for a pass when booking your first night.

Valid 30.8.2014

The lowest price in our holiday store can change depending on season and the chosen date